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PeoplePC Technical Support FAQ's
PeoplePC Technical Support FAQs
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  • Last modified date: June 24, 2010 14:06
Software and Connections
Why do I lose my Internet connection when I am playing online games, taking online tests, or talking with my friends via an instant messaging service?

Sometimes, when playing online games, taking online tests, or talking with friends via an instant messaging service you can lose your Internet connection. These activities send so little information over your Internet connection that your computer may think you are "idle" and disconnect you after 20 minutes.  The key is Internet activity. To keep your connection active, you need to have interaction with the Internet. Keeping that connection active is as simple as changing web pages and refreshing pages in Internet Explorer.

What is "System Recovery"? Why should I run this on my computer?

When a PeoplePC technical support representative recommends that you run a system recovery, it is because your system software has reached a point where it needs to be replaced by a fresh copy. If you bought your computer before November 1, 2001, your machine was shipped to you with a system recovery CD. This CD has all of the software your computer was originally shipped with. The way to initiate recovery from the CD is to place the recovery CD in your CD-Rom drive, and then restart your computer. Your computer will reboot in recovery mode. Follow the prompts to run a full system recovery. Choose the format/recover option, as this will put your system back to its original state. 

The recovery process is self-driven, and can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Once the recovery process is finished, you will need to reconfigure your PeoplePC software to access the Internet.  Something important to keep in mind about running recovery is that recovery completely wipes your system hard drive, and all the data/files on your system will be lost. For this reason, it is very important to back up all of your data onto floppy disc (or CD if you have that option available). This includes your email address book, the emails in your Inbox, and your Internet favorites in Internet Explorer.

What happens if my email access is suspended?

If your email account is suspended, this has happened as a result of one or more complaints against you for sending unsolicited email. Guarding our members and the Internet community at large against the scourge of unsolicited email is important to PeoplePC, and this is an important way that we preserve our integrity as an Internet service provider. Please look at our Online Services Agreement web site for further information on this subject:

I get scripting errors. What should I do?

Visit this article on Microsoft's Help and Support page to learn how to troubleshoot scripting errors:

How can I make search engines work better and give more accurate results?

Be as specific as possible when you search. Use as many key words in your search as you can. The more key words you use, the narrower your search results will be. For example, if you are looking for small hotels in California with an ocean view, don't search using only "hotels" or "ocean view." Try using all the keywords instead: "small hotels ocean view California." You're probably better off getting very specific first and then broadening your search if necessary, rather than start off with a broad search and getting thousands of results.

When I try to sign in, I get a message that my member name or password is incorrect. How do I fix this problem?

If you are getting a message that your member name or password is invalid, double check to make sure that there aren't any typos. Also, make sure you are entering your member name appropriately. Your member name is simply your email address without the So, for instance, if your email address is, your member name would be blackcat.

Your password is another issue that could be causing you trouble. Many people use the "save password" feature in our software, so they may not remember their password precisely. Keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive. Try to remember as well if you or one of your family members has changed your password recently. If none of these ideas help you, call 1-888-587-9669, and ask the technician to change your password for you

What can I do about unsolicited email or "spam"?

Unsolicited email, more commonly known as "spam" is the bane of the modern Internet community. Every Internet user has had to deal with this problem at one time or another. Spam can range from business offers and monetary scams, to chain letters, hoaxes, and orchestrated denial-of-service attacks. Many states prosecute senders of unsolicited email. Find out what the law is in your state.

If you receive a spam email, forward it, with full headers to the abuse server at the Internet service provider where the spam originated. If, for instance, the spam came from, forward the full email with headers to Every Internet service provider maintains an abuse server, so be sure you forward the spam to the correct abuse server.

Software and Connections
Why do I repeatedly lose connection?

There are several possible explanations for losing a dial-up Internet connection, but the explanation all depends on the frequency of disconnection.

1) If you are losing your Internet connection in between 1-5 minutes of initial dial-up, the most likely explanation is noise or static on the phone line connected to your computer. Even minute static can interfere with data transmission. When you connect a phone to the line that you use for dialing out, do you hear any static, crackles, or the distant sound of other voices? Line noise can have a huge impact on a modem connection.

Ask your phone company to run a free test of your phone line. Just dial 611, and have them run a remote line test. They may try to get you to pay to have someone come out to the house, but you don't need to do that. They can check for noise on the line from their office.

From the results of the remote line test you can find out if the problem is in your house. In that case you will need to replace the phone line that connects your computer to the wall. If it is not in your house, the phone company will attend to the problem if you point it out to them.

2) If this is not the cause of the problem, make sure that you are not closing the PeoplePC dialog box while you are online. Closing this box will disconnect you from the Internet.

3) If your problem is that you disconnect every 20 minutes or so, you are running into the idle disconnect setting on your computer. If the computer cannot detect any Internet activity for 20 minutes, then it will automatically disconnect you. Click here for more information.

4) If you are losing your connection after 1-4 hours, what you are encountering is the service limitations we have that are based on standardized home computer usage. PeoplePC's Internet service is designed for private, home use. We do not support business use because we are not configured to provide 24-hour continuous modem service. Typically PeoplePC users will connect to the Internet for about one hour. If you are staying online for as long as three or four hours, you are utilizing our service more heavily than 95% of our customers. Unlimited Internet service means that you have the option to connect to our service at any time. It does not mean that you will be able to stay connected for an unlimited period. Even broadband Internet connections experience service interruptions at unpredictable times.

How do I use cut, copy, and paste?

Here is how to use the SELECT ALL, COPY, CUT, and PASTE commands. All of these commands are available in the drop down menus (They are all located in the EDIT menu), but these instructions will explain how to use key-commands to utilize these commands. Keep in mind that "document" in this description can be any open file you are currently working in, including email compositions, notepad documents, and word processing documents.

-To SELECT or HIGHLIGHT an entire document, use the SELECT ALL command. The key command for this is: <Ctrl> A

-To MOVE the text to a new document, use the CUT command. The key command for this is: <Ctrl> X

-To COPY the text to a new document, use the COPY command. The key command for this is: <Ctrl> C

-The PASTE command is the second half of the transfer process. Create a new document, and key in <Ctrl> V. This will paste the text that you have either cut or copied from the old document to the new document.

Why do I sometimes connect to the Internet at different or slower speeds?

Many factors contribute to the speed of your Internet connection. Depending on the quality of your phone line or phone cord, your connection speed can be slowed and you may get disconnected from time to time. Your speed may also be slow if a lot of people are trying to use the phone line at the same time or if there is electrical interference from appliances near your modem.

How can I load PeoplePC on to another computer?

To download the PeoplePC software on to another computer, click here.  If you would like to request a PeoplePC disc, click here.

How do I change my default home page to PeoplePC?

To make PeoplePC your default home page, follow these steps:

1.       Open Internet Explorer

2.       Click "Tools"

3.       Click "Internet Options"

4.       Type in the Home page Address field.

5.       Click "OK"

How do I install the internet connection software?

To install PeoplePC software using the disc you received in the mail, start by placing the disc into the disc drive on your computer. A window will open up on your screen after you put the disc in the drive.

Members that currently have a connection to the Internet can download PeoplePC software off of the web, by going to

1.       Enter your PeoplePC member name and password, then click "Continue".

2.       Click the button that says "Download Now" to begin the download process. It will take approximately 3 minutes for your software to download. If you signed up for PeoplePC Accelerated, additional download time will be needed to install the Accelerated service.

3.       If you see a yellow bar at the top of the page, click on the yellow bar and then select "Install ActiveX Control" from the drop-down menu.

4.       If you see a security warning, click "Install" to continue.

5.       Now, you'll see a window that will show you the progress of your download. When the progress bar says 100%, click "OK" to continue.

Once the installation begins, be sure to read the instructions carefully for each step of the installation. At the end of the installation you will need to set up your dial-up connection and complete your registration (if you are not already a member) before you can start using your PeoplePC Internet Service

How do I find out if there are dial-up numbers available in my area?

Click here to enter your phone number and get a list of available dial-up numbers in your area. When choosing a number, make sure to verify with your local phone company that the number chosen is toll-free for your calling plan. PeoplePC is not responsible for phone charges you may incur.

How do I prevent being disconnected from the Internet?

If you have a problem with being disconnected from the Internet, it may be a problem with your phone line. Check the quality of your phone line and cord. Also be sure to keep your modem away from electrical interference. If you have call waiting, follow these steps to disable it before connecting to the Internet:

1.       Click "Modify this location" on your Dialer

2.       On the "Set Dialer Properties" screen, check the box next to "Dial *70 to disable call waiting"

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